Why not…???

I was just dreaming about this., every year in every house we make a Christmas tree,assembling and dissembling all the way every year.isnt it?? So why not we take a true little pine plant in a soil pot to living room, decorate all the way???after all traditional celebrations work flow over., bring it back to back yard and take care until next year December.next Christmas you will see the tiny little plant grow more bigger than last year.intersting.., and better for the word in many ways.

image image

1).you will not cut a tree just to throw out in a week

2).you will have a new oxygen producing machine at home „free“

3).your kids will learn to do same for their life time too.

4).it will be so fun and joyful to see yearly the tree is growing slowly., your pictures of last year will show the deference.

Laß' die Fruchtlawine rollen...

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