Sweet Potato Soup








  • 200g peeled and chopped carrot
  • 200g peeled and chopped sweet potato
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 – 2 red onions chopped
  • juice of one lime
  • pinch of salt
  • a few leaves of fresh mint
  • water for blending as desired


  • hand full of spinach or other greens
  • black pepper


  1. Add chopped carrots, chopped sweet potatos with a little water to a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Then Pour the mixture through a strainer and return liquid to the blender.
  3. Add avacado, onion, lime juice, mint and a little water to the mixture and blend until smooth.
  4. Place the soup in a bowl and garnish with greens and black pepper.

Smells good yeah., so go for it.


Laß' die Fruchtlawine rollen...

Windy, windy…

Over the last two days i was watching out of my window and wanted to see a ray of sunlight. All night i heard the wind struggling behind the wall, out side of the house. heeee uuu  hhaaaaa, hheeee. Trying so hard to move our house. I saw the glasshouse in the garden giving up the fight against the pressing air. Wind, wind, wind. I missed Sri Lanka so badly in these two days.

Laß' die Fruchtlawine rollen...

How about Yoga?

Guys, i went today to see Mr. Textor. He is a Chiropractor from Germany. And I had a long chat with him about so many things. He showed me how important in life it is to always stay healthy and fit. I didnt know that backpain, harding and tension is that easy to come by. He corrected ma spine within minutes and with only a few fingertips. Guess what, now i feel much better than before. I think now this is enough wasting my free time with doing nothing. I would love to learn Yoga. it will be a big improvment of my life. Anyone who can teach me? I am 3 weeks in Hamburg from the beginning of February.

Laß' die Fruchtlawine rollen...


As you all know, this is my very first trip to Europe. I was really surprised with some things over here I’m seeing the very first time in my life. And when I keep looking, I notice more and more surprising things. He. He. He.

I also compare everything here in Germany with Sri Lanka of course. That might sound stupid, yeah I know, but it is just happening automatically. So when I was dreaming one evening, I just got one little idea.

Just to make a little move and make a use out of this world. And Germany is a very differnt world for me. When I see the speed and need of consuming in this highly developed country, the amount of waste that accumulates on a daily basis, I can´t help it to get the crazy thought to tell this people to stop it.

But then I think, every one has the right to do what they want to. So then I was thinking how can I use this want for something good. It was difficult to me to accept that people over here have other problems then we in Sri Lanka. I would call it selfish and artificially problems. We have basic problems like drinking water, education or a very low income that is not even enough for a healthy diet.

One day I saw a letter from a sponsored child in mexico that send New Year wishes to the sponsor-family in Germany. I love the idea and I too want to make this possible for the kids in our village. There are enough families living in poverty and kids, that can´t even have a chance in this society. I have started a small english class in the village and I would love to do more. With this concept I see a very good way to give more chances to them.

I will start a website and introduce the people in need. Only for our village and if YOU have any possibility to hold their hand – here they are. I will provide the direct contacts to these people and like to help with translations or organising something. But basically I will give my opinion about who is mostly in need and then you can decide and ask all details from me. I live in this village and I know the situation. If you like you can visit our village anytime and take a look and you are welcome at our place too.

Laß' die Fruchtlawine rollen...

Good bye Christmas tree…

We removed the sparkling Christmas tree from the living room in the morning… It was kind of messed up work. Because, when I decorated the tree, I didn’t think about what will happen in the near future. So I hung shining stars and other colorful tiny items from each box I could find in the house everywhere on the tree. Now, I have to pack it all back in the correct order and store those things for the next year. Ooops, who can remember which stuff came out of which box???


Laß' die Fruchtlawine rollen...

Why not…???

I was just dreaming about this., every year in every house we make a Christmas tree,assembling and dissembling all the way every year.isnt it?? So why not we take a true little pine plant in a soil pot to living room, decorate all the way???after all traditional celebrations work flow over., bring it back to back yard and take care until next year December.next Christmas you will see the tiny little plant grow more bigger than last year.intersting.., and better for the word in many ways.

image image

1).you will not cut a tree just to throw out in a week

2).you will have a new oxygen producing machine at home „free“

3).your kids will learn to do same for their life time too.

4).it will be so fun and joyful to see yearly the tree is growing slowly., your pictures of last year will show the deference.

Laß' die Fruchtlawine rollen...

My late new year breakfast.

I really enjoy the fruits here;-) Yeah – I know, but I like Orange, Mandarines, Apples or Pears. Same like germans like Mangos and Bananas or Pineapple. One thing is for sure – I don´t like Pineapple here;-) And if anybody knows about treeripe bananas from the own garden – then he will never eat anything else!



Laß' die Fruchtlawine rollen...